Patheia Homeopathy
Specialising in anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances and homeopathic detoxing.

 My name is Sally Hurst, and I am a qualified registered homeopathic practitioner, DipHom, RC.Hom.

Initially, my journey into homeopathy began when I became a Mother.  After discovering the benefits personally and for my family I decided to venture into learning about homeopathy.  Which has now flourished and continued into a career choice.  I am passionate about homeopathy!   I believe in an integrative holistic approach to healthcare. With the focus of working in conjunction with other modalities and healthcare professionals.  Homeopathy not only recognises that the mind and body are two parts of the whole, but also that they are closely tied together. 

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DipHom NZQA Level 7 – achieved 4 December 2017.   Exceeding all four years of study at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy.

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I am a fully registered RC.Hom with New Zealand Council of Homeopaths.  NZCH is a body securing accountability and professional conduct for New Zealand homeopaths.  NZCH provides a credible entity for this modality in addition to a portal of information and support for patients and other health professionals.


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