What to expect

patheia homeopathy Classical Homeopathic Consultation InformationA Homeopathic Consultation

Please allow for a maximum of 2 hours for your first consultation.  Typically a homeopathic consultation takes this amount of time to allow the space to take your case thoroughly and gather concise notes.

To ensure your case is taken appropriately and in a professional manner, I would ask that you agree to at least one follow-up appointment, which can be booked following the first appointment or at a later date depending on the recommendation of your homeopath.

patheia homeopathy Classical Homeopathic Consultation InformationDuring the consultation if any question asked is not something you are comfortable discussing please indicate this and in no way will you be obliged to answer.  The homeopath will ask many questions mostly relating to your current complaint, medical history, and general personal details.  If the appointment is for a child, a parent or adult caregiver must be present.

Following the first appointment, your homeopath will make contact confirming the remedy and administration details, their contact information and follow up appointment recommendation.  If at any point you have queries or concerns, contact your homeopath by phone or email.

All discussions during the consultation remain confidential. Any notes taken will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

For further information please contact Patheia or make an appointment using the online booking option.