World Homeopathy Awareness Week (10-16 April)

World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW) acknowledges the birth of its founder, Samuel Hahnemann with the focus this year of “Homeopathy for the Elderly”.  In addition, World Homeopathy Awareness Week is an opportunity to provide information and resources to anyone interested in learning more about homeopathy.

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Hahnemann & Homeopathy

During the late 18th century, medicine and treatments for the sick were often ineffectual and barbaric, and Hahnemann, an established German physician, had become disillusioned with these methods and decided to research a less invasive approach.

Over a period of decades, Hahnemann developed homeopathic remedies and a unique consultation method.  This combined approach of case taking and remedy preparation resulted in positive results for the sick and soon spread across Europe and to the United States.

Homeopathy Today

Whilst Homeopathy throughout the centuries has split the medical world and seen much skepticism, the intention remains the same today as it did in Hahnemann’s time, with the Hippocratic ethos of “First, do no harm”.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are derived from plants, minerals, and other natural substances.  Prepared in a unique, quality controlled manner that renders them safe and with no harmful side-effects.  The 12 Good Reasons for Homeopathy compiled by World Homeopathy Awareness Organization, can be read here; 12 Good Reasons.

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